SPINDEX for providers can be a freelancer, a company, an organization, a business which offers various services according to SPINDEX’s categories.

  1. Download our mobile application from play store / apple store
  2. Create an account
  3. Sign In and setup your account

Easy steps to setup your account:

  • From the menu SPINDEX Profile:
    • “Profile”: Complete your profile
    • “Reveal my location”: Choose this option if you want seekers to know your exact location
  • From the menu Business Details:
    • “Categories”: Choose your categories and set yourself available in order to be seen whenever a seeker tries to find you
    • “Location”:  Select your business location by adding a pin on the map
    • “Services”: Add your business services
    • “Portfolio”: Add your previous achievements and/or your Resume
    • “Social Media”: Add your links for your Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
    • “Boost Profile”: Boost your profile by paying a small amount per category per month to be displayed on top of the list
      • The providers are displayed according to the rating of their profile
    • “Ads”: Create a new advertisement to be displayed according to the country and category chosen.
  • From the menu Transactions:
    • “Tasks”: Follow up your customers request’s