SPINDEX for services seekers

If you are looking for a particular service to help fulfill your needs use SPINDEX for free

  1. Download our mobile application from play store / apple store
  2. Create an account
  3. Sign In and start browsing

Easy steps to setup your account:

  • From the menu SPINDEX Profile:
    • “Profile”: Complete your profile
    • “Reveal my location”: Choose this option if you want providers to know your exact location
  • From the menu Business Details:
    • “Location”:  Select your location by adding a pin on the map
  • Start browsing:
    • Choose a Field
    • Choose a category
    • Find your service provider within a reasonable radius or search within your country
      • You can also choose the advanced search for a more accurate requirement
    • Choose a provider and check his profile
    • Request a service (a notification will be sent to the selected provider)
  • From the menu Transactions:
    • “My Requests”: Follow up your requests
      • Don’t forget to rate your provider service